Fish Pond Design

fish pond design and construction

We design and build fish pond design/koi pond design and we based in Malaysia

Koi pond Contractor in Malaysia/ Fountain Design and Trading

We specializes in water features, koi pond or fish pond contractor based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We based in Klang Valley Malaysia.

koi pond design contractor Malaysia

It’s important to build a proper biological filter for koi pond design for clarity of water. We are turn key contractor for fish or koi pond made of concrete.

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koi pond design Bali style Malaysia

We design and build koi or fish pond including landscaping.This water feature cascading made of sandstone with water

catchment for water to cascade.The uneven surface of stone cladding gives a gentle sound like raining when the water flows .

Custom made in Malaysia according to owner requirement.


koi pond construction and design Malaysia

Bali style  koi pond design with water sprout shooting from mural into pond catchment and overflow to main koi pond design/fish pond design.

Koi pond design Malaysia Contractor

We design and build an art piece of water feature for your home.The water cascading gives you and your family a gentle sound of water cascading soothing for your ear.

We will help you design the perfect Koi pond design with aquatic pond. We are koi or Fish pond contractor based in Klang Valley,Malaysia

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Koi pond design/fish pond design

Koi Pond Design.

Designing a Koi pond and Building a Filter System is important for clarity of water.

fish pond construction and design

We are koi pond contractor base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We design and build your koi pond design as your requirement.

koi pond Construction/ contractor

Narrow long  koi pond  design with water cascading.

Suitable for patio area where you can rest and relax with soothing sound of water cascading and enjoy your koi fish swimming around.

Koi Pond/Fountain

Koi ponds, fountains, water features and outdoor aquascaping.

We based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia